story continues after the addiction 2nd sold for 200.

so earlier i told u guys about me sold a addiction 2nd run for 200 bucks coz my friend ofter it coz he want it rly bad, okay so after 3 days, on the 4th day the yo yo got to his hand, he destroyed it… lol he put in the yo yo wrong or something, i never seen it, but that’s what my friend and he told me lol -.- poor him :-\ but still kinda dumb of him… if ur putting a yo yo in to the scew wrong, why would u still continue to use ur force to like twist it in and stuff, well any way so now they say that yo yo is like one side up one side down. i feel bad for him, but was kinda his fault -.-

The yo-yo’s threads are stripped? That is fixable.

Very fixable. Just unscrew the axle all the way, if you can’t get it out, use plyers since it’s already stripped so it doesn’t matter if you ruin the threads. Bring the yo-yo and the axle to a hardware store and ask the people that work there for a threaded rod exactly the same diameter and length. They should definitely have one the same diameter, and I believe that they could cut one to the same length for your friend’s addiction.

You should just get a Twitter account so we know more about your life…

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hahah lmao just made me laugh out loud.

does your friend actually know anything about yoyos or was this a true accident?

they say it wasnt the screw that’s mess up or something, i think they mess up the yo yo itself with the tracks idk lol