hmmm ive never had to do this before... help would be appreciated : )

ok so i got my protostar today and i have to say that i love it to death
but after about three throws i noticed when i went to put it back together after untanglleing a knot
that the side of mine ( the little plastic part that has the logo and stuff) tended to pop out exposing the nut that holds the axle together
now my first thought was oh darn, oh well ill just be more careful
but now its gotten so loose that it will fall off when i turn the yoyo upside down.

my second thoughts were, ok ill just put a dab of sili on it to keep it on the yoyo
but then my mother chimed in that it might put it off balance giving it more vibe.
I was like hey mom you dont know anything about this, but then i startedthinking about it and realized she could be right

so anyways, I really want this thing to stay in but i dont know how

i was thinking maybe silli or a little bit of hot glue

what do you think I should do ?

well are you talking about the caps? If it is i would just take the other one out and play without them, but if you really want them in i would probily use somekind of glue

they are really not even caps
the problem though is that the axle nut would fall out of each side :frowning:

i’d use a little bit of hot glue

Shoot an email to wherever you got it… I don’t think they’ll mind replacing it for you (unless you ruined it). Hope this Helps!