Super glue on axle nut?

Has anyone tried to super glue the axle nut inside both yoyo halves to prevent it from freely spinning in body? I’m doing this to two brand new yomega multi color spectrum ex. They use very small nuts and all my yomegas have stripped this way making it impossible to take apart without damaging yoyo. I want to prevent this from happening again due to them being $50 loopers. Is there a better alternative than super glue? I’m thinking I can use just a few drops around the nut socket. I’m thinking I may be able to remove it if the nut ever strips at the axle contact by heating up an axle, twist axle into nut, let that heat nut to soften glue, then remove? I know it may be permanent once I glue it. Anyone else try this before?

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Something kind of like this?

The loop 720 that had intact plastic I super glued without the nut present and held it together till it set with some pliers it seems ti hold well and I can still remove the nut and axle if needed. Just have to be careful with it when taking it apart I can put the caps back on but I like it without actually

Not quite what I meant. I’m talking about gluing the nut into the yoyo half on a new yoyo.

I might actually do a video on the whole mod.

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