Repairing a looping yoyo with a stripped nut or post

So my son wanted to help me while I was soaking the bearings for my looping yo-yos in some delightful mineral spirits. While distracted with the solvent my son decided the yoyo halves needed to go back together and in that process he cranked those suckers until the posts snapped the plastic. Bits of plastic jingle in the hollow buddy behind the cap and the halves spin free trapping the post and making my raider, loop720 and match all hunks of plastic trash.

That was a bummer and after posting about it in a bst group I was given a pretty good deal on two matches to replace my lost loopers. I plan to swap the bearings and spacers for my old loop to give them the same feel and my old match had loop spacers and bearing as well so I know it works out. Of course that’s not much of a mod is it so let’s get yo the meat of this post.

So first I had to remove the caps on all the yo-yos. The raider being the worst off and oldest was my test and quickly I realized yomega was kind enough to glue the caps in. A hot knife was my first thought and that was slow and messy. A dreamle was my second thought and I chewed that sucker up trying to get it off. Finally I used heat and pried it up but that warped the cap. Caps are now worthless but I exposed the busted plastic. A bit of jiggering and glue and boom I had a functional cap less yoyo. Sanded the rough spots and let the glue cure and it’s almost back to normal. I did swap the old raider spacers and bearing for a sunrise kit.

Next I popped the caps off the loop 720 snd I really tore up those caps too but not as bad. The match was the easiest snd where mostly intact.

I found loop and match had one half each that was in decent shape just needed some glue to sure it up. Otherwise I could use them as is carefully. After the glue dried I sanded the rough spots and tossed the caps back on and added the match spacer snd bearing for good measure snd it plays really well for how much damage it had.

The last one was a bit harder. The spacer seat was missing on one and the other was pretty messed up too. Used some hardware. Washers and glue to get things in line then glued a washer as a new seat to the plastic. Added more glue and silicone to fix a wobble and bobs your uncle it works with a bit of vibe. Sanded the sucker down and let some glue cure and it’s like a cheap throw but honestly vibe doesn’t hurt looping as bad as string play. I tossed those caps back on from the loop for good measure but it works.