Plastic Yo-Yo bearing seat destruction!


So I have a plastic Yo-Yo. (It’s a delrin yoyo) and I ripped of a quarter of the bearing seat on one side. Now whenever I play, there’s a slight possibility that the string goes under the bearing through that crack, and can only be fixed by unscrewing the yoyo and taking the string back out.

Any ideas if the bearing seat can be repaired? or if there is another way to cope with the string getting stuck? (Assuming replacement isn’t an option.)


How did you rip off the bearing seat?


lol yea thats weird


Try putting a TINY amount of hot glue (not touching the bearing at all) to decrease the possibility.


NO!!! Hot glue won’t stick to delrin and may also have a possibility of melting the plastic. What yoyo is it? My advice is to mod it to accept Crucial Spacers.


Send it to a modded to have it spr’ed (as yoyospirit said).


Any tips on a DIY fix?


Well. you can order and get the Crucial SPR kit, but unless you have the tools and skills, DIY might not be the ideal way to go on this one.


Would a concave bearing fix the problem? (The problem of the string going under the bearing and into the seat)


Maybe but it won’t resolve the issue that you’re having in the first place that is a damaged bearing seat.


Mostly, but the sting may slip in occasionally.


LOL seems like this yoyo saw the wrath of team POWNAGE.

I can mod it to where it’ll still have the original bearing system- I chop out where it’s been “ripped” & will put a delrin insert there, then machine that again. You’ll never even know it happened!