HELP please. bearing problem
yeah its stuck :frowning: can’t open it.

Looks like some galling occurred and possibly stripped yoyo now as well.

Contact the yoyo manufacturer, but I think your going to be out of luck.

Can you not pull it apart? Unscrew it or get the halves apart?

Contact where you bought it, get a refund or replacement. The. Try not to unscrew the yoyo at all.

What yoyo is it?

Delrin severe I think.

Looks like uyou ned to pull out as you unscrew it.

I’ve heard of people having problems unscrewing delrin severes. How long have you had it?

Have a delrin severe and all you need is a multi tool or pliers and elbow grease and the bearing comes out

i have the same problems but I think you have to remove the axel and re screw it in, it works for me.

You have to be able to take the yoyo apart first. :slight_smile:

The problem seems to be more of stripped threads than a bearing problem. But jhb is right, we need to help him get it open before we can get the bearing out.

While I am in favor of trying to take a yoyo apart as infrequently as possible, modern yoyos(well, most) come part. Bearings need to be serviced from time to time. Responses need to be replaced or redone from time to time.

It is completely reasonable that a yoyo designed with a threaded axle should come apart.

Having said that, it appears this one might be stripped due to being over-cranked. Pulling apart while twisting is probably the best bet to get this taken apart, but then what? It’s going to need more work done to it after it’s been taken apart because I feel the axle threads are stripped. If possible, it will need to be re-tapped and then a new axle obtained, which can most likely be done at the same time by the person doing the re-tapping.

I’ve seen this happen before when both sides where being turned. and the axle was just moving from one side to the other.

If the threads are stripped then it shouldn’t still be stuck.

Go ahead and try the pull and turn.

I’m sure this yoyo has a metal insert in the body of the yoyo. To me it seem that it has came loose.
Seen it a few times on yoyojams.

Yes, actually it does have metal inserts. They can be seen under the caps :).

I have an idea you’ll need a hexkey and something to remove the caps. Remove the caps, get the hex key and put it in the hole with the hex part of the screw, unscrew

There isn’t a hole.