Sever trouble

So I’m having problems unscrewing my derlin sever. Any tips?

Any More Info Would Be Nice.

Well is your axle stripped, or is it in correctly?

Are there any flaws in the bearing seat? Bumps nicks points?

Try taking the bearing out and screwing it together, does it screw in differently?

Is there any response or anything gewey inside the yoyo where the axle screws in, or on the axle?

Take the axle out roll it on a flat smooth surface, does it roll smoothly or wobble? If it wobbles it’s bent and you will need a replacement.


Like it won’t even unscrew.

try pulling (very solftly) the two halves of the yoyo away from each other. no unscrewing.

Is the yoyo not unscrewing at all, or are the halves rotating but the yoyo isn’t coming apart? If the yoyo isn’t unscrewing at all, try harder, if the halves are rotating but the yoyo isn’t coming apart, do what Nemyo said.

K thanks guys!

Hope ya fix it!

Wait you mean a yyf severe? If so I just had major problems with one I sent it back to YYE the axel was not stripped it just had major pulse. Super disappointed they are gonna refund me or send me another I think but I would prefer a refund since I bought a aero to delta for 25$ earlier and it’s brand new