Problem with my Hectic

My yoyo has been working great for like three mounths but this has happend 2 time the yoyo has unscrewed its self during play.And yes I do tightend it… please give me a way to fix the problem.

Get blue thread locker from your hadware store. Thats what I did!

I don’t think its the axle I think it’s the patr of the yoyo that the bearings suposed to fit snuggly on but now it goes over it loosely. If it were an axle problem I would think I would have a bad vibe or somthing…

No, I agree with chosenyoyomaster. It’s probably a problem with the axle. Get some loctite, or teflon tape to fix it and it’ll fix the problem. Check the axle if it’s stripped or if something else is wrong with it.

Wait what does it mean if the axle is stripped?

SOME yoyofactorys do this a lot.
Its because THey kinda of can come unscrewed by thereselves, because they screw in really easily, but then right at the end it kinda Locks shut. Some yomegas do this too. THe lock comes out REALLY EASILY. Thats what sucks. Once my yomega maverick came unscrewed on concrete, and it bairly got any marks. I thought the cheep anodization would wear off right away.

If you touch around the axle you’ll feel little rings going around the whole axle. An axle is stripped when these rings are tempered with, causing the axle to loosely(or not at all) screw itself into anything else.