I got my axiom aanout a week ago and I liked it butbi noticed a little wobble in it, and whenever I had a knot I would untwist it and once getting the knot I had to twist the axle back into place, I sent a message to yoyoexpert I haven’t recieved a reasponse yet. Today I was playing with it and the whole thirng unscrewed and know I have a sing on the side and in my message I said I didn’t have any dings but that was before I emailed them. Does anybody know what I should do?

Your axle is probably stripped.  :frowning:
This means the metal that grabs the place it screws on to is wore out. You don’t need a brand new axle, some Loctite Threadlocker blue should do the trick. You apply it on to the axle, let it dry for 20 minutes, screw on. Just make sure you don’t open it for another 24 hours. Here is a video:

He had it for only a week, so I don’t think so. ;D

Axioms have what you call a floating axle. The axle is not attached to one side at all, it is completely floating there from side to side. You can unscrew the axle with your fingers, just like the PGM and some YYF yoyos. This makes it easier to unscrew than most yoyos. Thats why you need to tighten it more than your other yoyos.

Your problem is that you’re not tightening enough. Axioms and meteors need to be tightened alot. Just tightening it until it seems like its firm isn’t enough, you have to give it some more. I really can’t tell you how much you should tighten it from over the net. Just tighten it a bit more than the way that you tighten it normally, so that it doesn’t unscrew when you apply small amounts of force. (Slightly more than your hand weight)

I had this problem with my meteor too, you really just have to tighten it more. You might be worried about overtightening it, but just be careful. If you want to be safe, you might wanna follow gm user’s advice about putting threadlock.

Vibe? From an Axiom? That’s strange. I think it’s probably your throw.

Try what Rsmod said. That’s what I do for mine, and it plays great! To be on the safe side, it might be a good idea to pick up some teflon tape. If you still have problems like this, you can wrap the tape around the axle, and it should solve all your problems.

do you know of there suppose to come with a koncave bearing?

No, they come with a normal YYJ bearing.

Nah. That’s common. It happens to my Axiom all the time. When the axle screws to far out on one side of the yoyo, just take an allen wrench/hex wrench/hex key (same thing) and screw it back where you want it.
another thing you can do is apply loctite to your axle. Another way is by wrapping teflon/threadlocker tape around the axle. It will stay in a lot better after that and your yoyo shouldn’t come unscrewed.