Yo-yo Axle

For some weird reason, all of a sudden my yoyo won’t screw together. Say if I screw it clockwise (Tight), the yoyo can turn forever but never lock in place. Any thoughts of why this happened or how to fix?

sounds like you’ve striped the axle threads in each half :confused:

you will need to have your yo yo ‘retapped’ - if you want it to accept 'nother axle.



Two things:

First, I am leaning in the direction of agreeing with mgodinez about you stripping the threads in one or both halves, which is my first thought. Retapping is the only option, short of replacement.

If it’s a plastic YYJ, or other yoyo that is plastic in the middle and has a metal insert, that the insert could have come loose, but if that’s the case, you should see other issues as well, and those are BIG problems as well.

What is Retapped? Can I get it done at a hardware store? Also my axle is stuck and it needs prying out. It is a YYJ Dark Magic 2

OK - it’s a DM II. Then most likely the axle insert came loose. You might be able to fix it. Take the caps off. There’s a metal insert that the axle screws into. It’s probably loose. Push it out with the axle and try to re-glue it. I’d try some epoxy. Spread it thin. Put the axle in the insert and reinsert it in the hole. Push it in the seat it firmly. Let it set hard. Spread a little over the insert inside the caps as well.

Skip the re-tap. It doesn’t apply.

Could I go to a hardware store and ask them to remove the axle. Because that may be the problem. It is stuck and may not be fitting properly. I see nothing wrong with the axle insert. If I get that out and buy a new axle, then it might fit again.

Look on the tip of the axle, there should be a Hexagon shape.

Get a Alan Wrench to fit it or use a Youofactory Multitool or YYF Loop990/1080 hex key.

The only problem with that advice is if the axle isn’t coming out with the hex shape exposed. If it it is, the above advice is exactly what I’d suggest. If not, then the double-nut method is the best method. Put two nuts on the exposed portion of the axle. The nuts should snug up to each other and the top nut should stop the lower nut from moving. Put a wrench or pliers on the lower nut and use that to remove the axle.

Well, most yoyos come with the hex facing up right? And I doubt he has removed it before, but yes that’s possible.

It’s mixed. It seems to vary not just from yoyo to yoyo, but from opening to opening. Some are more consistent than others.

Yes this^^
I am sure that the axel insert will become loose if you over tighten. I’d doubt the threads will be stripped. Unless you insert the axel crooked and then over tighten, the axel insert will stay in place but threads will be stripped. Either way, your yoyo will keep turning when trying to tighten. Just gotta look and see what’s moving and what isnt moving to determine the exact problem. If the inserts are turning along with the yoyo, then maybe it’s the axel, if the insert is staying in place while turning, then it’s the insert.

Ummm, NO…

The fact that you say it never tightens implies that, based on the type of yoyo that it is, the axle insert is loose in the body. Have you removed the caps to verify that the axle inserts are in fact seated and properly secured? If not how can you make such a claim? Re-read my note. That is the only way to fix it.

Everyone that’s talking about hex holes and all the rest just don’t know what they are talking about. Q.E.D.

Did you ever use pliers to remove the axle on your DM2? If you did, it is why i said in an older thread NOT to do that. I wouldnt bother paying for a $20 retapping on a cheaper yoyo like the DM2.