QUICK and EASY way to remove an axle??


-tried pliers
-no access to a drill
-no access to a multi tool!!!




wouldnt and allen wrench work? im fairly sure that both throws i have the axles are removed with an allen wrench.


What’s an Allen wrench?


Allen Key. Hexagon Key (Hex Key).


yes exactly what Miama said.

here is the wiki


I don’t have one… :frowning: anything else??


I’ve been frustrated so much before, and since it was flipped on the non-hex side, I squeezed pliers as tight as I could and twisted until that B came out. Totally destroyed the axle but luckily they can be had for like $0.40 from Lowe’s.


Let’s take a step back.

First, what yoyo is this?

Second, why do you need to remove the axle?

Some manufacturers use some sort of thread locker on one half to ensure it never moves so as to help the yoyo maintain the original condition.

Some yoyos do not use a a removable axle, or at least, not without additional efforts. Some Duncans you just have to pops the caps off of to remove the axles, for example.

Also, you could be having issues removing the axle due to it being threaded in wrong and you’ve now damaged the yoyo.

Other than that, one thing people aren’t considering is the allen key method only works when the stuck side is the side that doesn’t have the hex opening.


also are there any manufacturers that use left handed threads? if so you would tighten counterclockwise and loosen clockwise, but i haven’t any idea if there are manufacturers that use left handed threads though.

but i have to agree fully with the post above all great questions.


Freeze it. I think that will work. Or that might only work on bearings. You can try it.


7075 supernova.
I put in this axle that I got out of a different yoyo and after I put it in I tried to put the other half of they yoyo on and it doesn’t screw in all the way. (basically the axle is crooked) but now it’s stuck…
Should I try freezing?


What axle did the donor axle come from?

NOT all axles are the same size and same threading. You may have just cross-threaded that in there and screwed yourself and now you need to get it re-tapped.

I wouldn’t suggest freezing. The yoyo is aluminum, the bearing is steel and odds are so is the axle.

UNLIKE the “bearing grip of death” where freezing can work(it doesn’t always), the ALUMINUM is on the INSIDE, so it shrinks before the steel of the bearing does.

In this case, freezing the yoyo would simply make the yoyo clamp down harder on the axle. In this case, the steel is IN the aluminum. With a bearing seat, the aluminum is INSIDE the steel, and hence this is why the freezing method works.

If the hex hole is exposed, see if you have a suitably sized allen wrench to remove the bearing. Otherwise, you can try the double-nut method. The double nut method is where you put two nuts onto the axle, then tighten them to each other, then using the lower nut with a pair of pliers to twist, it may let you remove the axle from the yoyo. However I’m afraid you’ve already damaged the yoyo and I am trying to have you avoid further damage.

Contact Landon Balk with 3Yo3 and just pay the $20 to get it re-tapped.


unfortunately you broke it! that is called a cross thread. you got the axle in there wrong and created your own threads that are different then the original threading. your only option now would be to turn it into a paper weight or take it to a machine shop and have them drill it out and use an insert like a helicoil to repair the threads.


I’ll take the yoyo off your hands. No charge.


Let this be a lesson for new players and experienced players alike:

If you have issues or concerns or need information, ASK.

If you want to do something but aren’t sure, talk about it. You might be OK, you might not be.

Rushing into things causes problems like this. Impatience causes problems like this. Not listening to advice given causes problems like this. Not following the instructions provided causes problems like this.

Ask. Get answers. Act when you feel you have the answer you need.


extremely true story! thanks for being one to beat the dead horse, some will listen some wont, but those that will it is worth it to repeat yourself and say this stuff as it is just great practice!

when in doubt ask twice fix one or else you will not ask and buy twice and break once or twelve times .


This has been a public service announcement brought to you by Studio42.


I really don’t think I broke it and this axle came with the yoyo I bought 4 yoyos and only received one axle and this was it.


if your axle is crooked in the threads you definitely broke it by cross threading the axle in there and that would be evident by not being able to get the axle out. also axles are cheap why didn’t you get 3 more axles?

either get it tapped by the person mentioned above, turn it into a paperweight, or go visit a machine shop to get it fixed.

you cannot thread an axle in crooked with out damaging the threads in the hole it calls home.


My best method for axle remove:

Wrap the axle in Guaze, Paper Towel, Silicone bracelet, or napkin

Get pliers and remove.