Axle Problems

I am having a problem removing an axle out of my T1. I first tried the YYF Multi-tool (this has worked for me every time I’ve had a similar problem) but that did not work. It seems as if the hole where the axle remover goes has been stripped. I know it is not the multi-tool because I have tried two different ones that both work on any other axle.
Also, I tried needle-nose pliers padded with a gripper. That did not work either. I would like some advice on how to remove this axle.


Use a regular pliers. A needle nose does not grip as good.

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Thanks, I will try that method as soon as it next comes out of the Diet Coke.

Just tried it, no dice. What’s next?

Vice grips.

What are those?

if you deform the threads on the axle AT ALL and then try and use that axle again, you’ll strip whatever you thread it into.

axle removal…

find 2 nuts that thread onto the axle… put them both on, tightened up against each other… grab the inner nut and unscrew. The 2nd nut holds on the 1st… problem solved.


I have had this happen where the hex hole in the axle becomes stripped. Try to get a hold of a slightly larger alan key that’s what worked for me.

I’m assuming you have already stripped the threads. I’m fairly sure One Drop glued their axles, which is the cause for all the trouble in removing it. You can use a drill to remove the axle. Just clamp the drill head as tight as you can on the axle and untwist the half.

I don’t think that the axle is stripped. The yoyo plays better than it did before. As for OD, I bought a Benchmark H and I took the axle out with ease.

Thanks, I’ll try that

He meant that maybe the threads on the axle are messed up due to using the pliers. I assumed that as well which is why I recommended the vice grips. Had I known otherwise I would have recommended the same as kyo.

The yoyo screws on just fine, so I know the threads are good, it’s just the part that is stuck in the yoyo half that is having a problem.

LOL :smiley:

LOL  :smiley:

Have you ever thought that sticking it in diet coke might be causing this problem?

That’s probably not the case.

You don’t think?

I think sticky Coke getting into all the threads would cause some problems but mabey not.

This axle problem occurred before the Diet Coke.

Ahh ok thanks for clearing that up