Help! Stuck Axle

I cant remove the axel in my irony jp

Use an Allen Wrench to pull it out.

Use a YYF multitool it will get the axle right out.

will the allen wrench work if the axle is really striped and how do i use the yyf multi tool to get the axle out?

If the axle is stripped just use a pliers.

Otherwise: Double Nut method to Remove an Axle

The allen wrench/hex key won’t work if it’s at all tight.
The multi tool has a hex key on it.

Simple that pointy thing on the multi-tool is the axle remover all you want to do is twist left to get it out.

plier don’t work anything else?!!?!??!

what can I do if the axle is rounded out?

Don’t know that term. Please explain.

Why not?

ok - use a vice grips, or…

How to remove a yoyo axle using a drill.

That’s about your options. Maybe ask an adult for help if none of that worked for you.

well the threads are so striped that about 85% of the axle is smooth and i can’t get a good grip on it now

Then follow the alternatives given.

The drill method will work even with a stripped axle, give it a try.

will it fit the axle is extremly tiny

Yep, just watch the video.

You’ll never know unless you try it.
Go for it.

I’ve used drills to remove axles before, it’s a great method. If for whatever reason the axle is so tight that you can’t just unscrew it like he did, make sure the drill turns ccw. Then just hold the yoyo firmly, and turn on the drill.

if you have some kind of a vice, that should work as well. I’ve never used it for a yoyo, but I have for a 30 year old, rusted to all heck bike hub. Just put the axle into the vice, and tighten it as much possible. Then give the yoyo a sharp turn ccw to loosen it up. from there it should come right out.

If the axle is broken already, you can use some kind of wire cutter.

You see in the middle there is some half circle shaped wire cutter (the small ones with different sizes), try using the size that “stab” the axle. I use this to remove stuck fireball axle that can’t be removed by normal pliers. The axle will be crushed this way, then just twist it firmly.

Use the hex key on the YYF multitool

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