Very Stuck Axle

Hey there, I recently received a Rec Rev Octave 3 in a trade. When I got it, the axle was partially stripped. Now the axle is completely stripped. I need to take out the axle so I can replace it with a new one. The problem is, the axle won’t budge. I’ve tried pliers and the drill method. The axle hasn’t moved at all. I can’t use the double nut method, as the axle is stripped. The person I traded with says he didn’t loctite or glue in the axle. Sometime during the week, I’ll take it to ace hardware to see if someone there can help me. Is there any other way to remove the axle? I know putting a yoyo with a stuck bearing in the freezer helps remove the bearing, is there anything similiar for axles? By the way, the hex hole is on the side stuck in the yoyo, so I can’t use a YoYoFactory multi tool. Please help me!

The hardware store probably won’t help, I think someone els said not to.

Did you tighten the drill extra tight? I would try that again and tighten it super extra.

I personally have never had any luck with pliers…

Do this, stick the yoyo in the freezer for 30 mins. Then try using pliers to get it out, if no luck, put it back in for the time you had it out and then take it out and do the drill method.

Yeah I tightened the drill very tight. My only concern about the freezer is that aluminum shrinks faster the steel when cold, so the aluminum yoyo will shrink faster then the steel axle.,55038.0.html Tighten it till it feels like the axle will snap. If that still doesn’t work, send it to me and I’ll remove the axle and cut a new one.

The drill I used didn’t have the key, but I tightened as much as I can. I may try the hardware store, and if they don’t get it out, I’ll send it to you. Thanks for the offer to take it out for me!

Get a set of plyers with longer handles. there is no chance it won’t come out. with a good set of long handled plyers you would be able to bend and brake out the hub of the yoyo. So the axle will either screw out or snap off. If it doesn’t do one of the two ask someone stronger to give it a shot.

OK I will have my mom try, thanks!

Get a pair of vice grips pliers. Borrow from a neighbor or friend if you don’t have one.

Nothing gets an axle you don’t care about out like a vice grip and some elbow grease. Crank down on the axle nice and tight, then rotate the yoyo off.

Of course, be careful not to snap the axle.

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Alright thanks, I will let you guys know once I am successful. Thanks for all of your help!

I very highly doubt it you used a drill, and tightened it very tight, that pliers would work.

But I could be wrong, vise grips can have a very tight grip.

Also, I think it would be a good idea to send it to Yoypspirit. Not only will he get it out, he will make you a new one :).

O, and I again doubt the hardware store can help you. Unless they have some good tools.

I had a few more people try to get it out, but I had no luck. I’m gonna sent it to yoyospirit and have him try. Hopefully he can get it out.