Stuck Axle

So, I was doing alot of maintenance with my yoyos and stuff, and I reassembled my Legacy 2 with my 888 axle instead of the correct one. So, I try and take it out, and I’m like,“Whoa, that really got stuck fast!” So I can’t get it out, and I’ve tried pliers, double nut, and everything else I’ve read, but NOTHING WORKS. So, any suggestions?

Try the pliers again and squeeze it really hard. If that doesn’t work I’d use a vice grips pliers.

I’ve also heard of people putting the axle in a drill chuck and tightening it really well.

I am not familiar with what a vice grip of a drill chuck is…

I’ll try the pliers again lol

I call this the axle string trick, but be warned, it can cause damage.

Take a used string, wrap it around the axle. This is just to provide extra grip and hopefully to protect the threads, although the threads inside the axle seat may be hosed at this point, as well as the threads in the axle as well. Then take a pair of pliers, grip the axle covered with string and increase pressure as you try to turn counter clockwise to loosen it up and out.

Not to say I’m OCD or something, but I try to do maintenance 1 at a time so as to track parts. When I have to do more than 1, I have a small 8 compartment box that can hold parts for up to 8 yoyos. I just put a piece of paper in each compartment that has the name of the yoyo I am working on in it.

Being organized can be a life saver. If you can’t be as organized as I am, do this: A piece of tape turned over(sticky side up) on a piece of paper, with the end portions turned sticky side down to attach to the paper. Label the paper. You can put your axle, bearing(edge only), spacers and maybe other parts on there. You can do a lot more yoyos this way. I use this method for working on computers, especially laptops. I also try to organize it based on where the screws are on the case so they can go back together easier. It’s prevent losing parts and ensures quicker re-assembly. There’s usually at least 2 pieces of paper this way. One for outside, one for inside.

Didn’t work. I think the threads on the inside are probably screwed (no pun intended).
I’m thinkin’ since it’s already screwed, I could bend the axle to the point that it’s at a 90 degree angle and then unscrew it. Ya think I should?

You might snap the axle that way and get it stuck forever.

I advise not to do that.


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K, so what do I do?

A vice grips pliers is a locking pliers. Basically it clamps on to whatever you are grabbing.
Here’s an example:

Check w/your dad, he might have some.

A drill chuck is the part of a drill you put the drill bit in. You can tighten the jaws around an object and hold it very tightly. Looks like this:

As noted above, don’t bend the axle. It will snap off. Then you’re really hosed.

You’re just providing more options for people to try to remove the axle. Any of the methods have a risk of breaking.

Using my method, you have to use judgement to say “yes/no”. But you are right from the idea that you could snap the axle off. I have only used this method on the proper axle inside the proper yoyo. In this case, I needed to get the axle out to use a bearing puller properly. I just didn’t want to risk stripping the axle. But, I’ve been doing similar stuff for years.

Vice grips, I just don’t like them all that much for that kind of application and then without some sort of buffer material, you still risk crushing or stripping the threads of the axle itself. Its just another way of doing what I was recommending.

The problem with chucking it into a drill is still the same, but you have a few methods in there to help prevent damage.

Honestly, either way you go, you have to decide if you should continue or not. When you’re done, assuming you’ve successfully removed the axle, is to see if you’ve damaged the axle seat or not, and if you have, what do you do to resolve this? I recently had a yoyo redone by one of the modders on here and he did amazing work. Sometimes it’s just flat out better to send it to someone who knows what they are doing and paying a reasonable fee to ensure that if it is messed up, you can have it fixed.

But regardless, being organized is your best help. If you’re doing lots of yoyos at once, keep the parts together. When I silicone yoyos, I do the same thing.

The axle is already screwed up one way or the other. He needs to get it out. A drill chuck may work. A vice grips will probably work.

When he gets it out, he will then probably have to deal with messed up threads in the yoyo itself.

Your suggestion to protect the axle is really only valid in the case that it is the stock axle size and is just tight. In which case the double nut method will work 99.9% of the time. If it doesn’t, pull out the vice grips and get a new axle.

Yeah, you’re most likely right. I can’t remember which yoyo I was taking apart that day, I think it was my dv888. It was definitely a stock axle axle in this case. I think I was taking it apart to see how tight the bearing seat was, and it was tight.

My only reason for not jumping on the double nut method was to try to avoid incurring costs to the end user. I do see your logic though. But if it’s that bad, chances are there’s other damage as well that may not be evident right away.

Either way, organization prevents problems.

That’s probably true…
Do you know if Yoyojam sells replacement solid-spin axle thingies?

Axles? yes. The Seat? No. You’ll want to send it to a modder for re-tapping Landon Balk is amazing!

Probably not, as they’re a press fit into the shell with some knurling to hold them in place pretty firmly. But you should check w/Andre. He’d know for sure.

I know one guy did manage to accidentally unseat one in one side of a DM2.

I’ll email Andre.

Good Idea!