QUICK and EASY way to remove an axle??


Try the double nut method.


I don’t have any nuts! (that came out wrong)


You bought 4 different yoyos and of the 4, only one had an axle? What kind of BST insanity is this?

You said previously you got the axle from another yoyo. It was in a post where I asked you where you got it from:

And then you say:

Yes, that did not come out wrong.

I’m gonna lay into you hard for a bit. Please don’t take this the wrong way. I honestly feel bad for you. I’m more taking advantage of the opportunity you’re presenting. Please don’t take this personally.

In this situation, we have a player who has damaged their yoyo because they acted first without getting some additional information before they acted. As a result, they have in fact damaged their yoyo… This sucks, and I feel bad for the guy, but we have to look at a few things:

He wants to try to fix the issue. First, he can’t. He doesn’t have any of the appropriate materials to try to extract the axle. Without the proper tools and other items, removing the axle is simply not going to happen. Even once the axle is removed, there’s been damage to the yoyo and possibly to the axle.

This is part of a larger issue I’m seeing of "act first, don’t ask, then need help and don’t follow instructions.

PLEASE, there’s a lot of people who don’t mind helping. Just ask your questions. I’d rather you look silly asking a question. That’s free. I don’t care if this saves a $5 yoyo or a $200 yoyo or anything in between.

An axle isn’t just an axle. Yes, many are hardware store items you can easily get. However, don’t just start taking axles form one yoyo and trying to put it into another yoyo UNLESS you know the axle is compatible. Just take the time to slow down and ASK!!

Patience: it really can be a virtue!


Thank you I appreciate the constructive criticism and now I can at least learn from my mistakes

(From the cranky old folks home) #25

An allen wrench only works for non-stuck axles. It definitely won’t work if a pliers or drill won’t get it.

I’d go back to the pliers, probably a vice grips. Turn it out and replace it.