The bearing

Good news is i got my bearing out of the yoyo, bad news i no longer have a x-convict that works to potential :’( l0l learning the hard way bites. So to all those newbies or such be nice to the plastic when using pliers to get the bearing out.

Pics? :wink:

Did you just crack the seat or more?

that sucks.

The part that holds the bearing is scratched up so bad and thin pieces of it slip between the bearing and the walls not allowing for a good long sleeper and super responsive.

taht really sucks


It really did hurt the heart when I looked at it and figured out what was wrong.

couldent you buy a new bearing?

well his bearing SEAT on the yoyo was cracked,so I think its not the bearing,correct me if I am wrong.

Try to fix it. It’s like CPR, it’s gonna be dead anyways. If all else fails, I suggest using super glue and paper.

You can try to fix it with some glue but it woulden’t be the same.Try hot glue.
You should buy a new yoyo if you can’t fix it with glue or you can try to melt plastic on the yoyo

yeah you were right but after a lot of recontruction surgery i got it back to playable but it has a couple rough spots.

pics? How?

The plastic wasn’t cracked it was the plastic was in thin pieces branched out everywhere. So my friend and I just looked to see what exactly went wrong and took some fine sand paper to it and so more pliers because we had to some how bring the skinny pieces of plastic out of the bearing seat. Then sanded it down to level with the rest of the ring.
If that makes any sense to you guys it’s hard to explain l0l.