i got my new fiesta xx yestersay, and i droped it alot of times, and now the wont screw apart! it rotates still when i scree it apart, but it doent screw apart. ANY HELP??? ???


Either you stripped the threads in the yoyo or the solid spin axle cam loose and rotates in the plastic (happens a lot with Rextremes). You can trie supergluing the solid spin axle to the plastic so it doesn’t rotate anymore but if it’s as new as you claim contact either the supplier or yoyojam.


Oh my god! I tried superglueing the axle ina dn now the axle is stuck to the yoyo! And now the halves wont screw back together! oh no i ruined the yoyo!!!


Chances are you glued the side of the threads that were not stripped into the yoyo, leaving the stripped threads still exposed.


i glued it, but somehow offset it abit… now it dosnt work correctly


I was going to recommend some patience, but were unfortunately way past that point now.


okay, so now i wasted $30


Sucks for u


Sadly, yes.

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“Sucks for u” that you can’t use good grammar and your comment was incredibly rude, because if you keep talking like that, the mods are going to come after you… and you know what they’re going to say when you get banned?

Yep, you guessed it. “Sucks for u”


Nope. It will be SUX2BU

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I am aware that what he said was incredibly rude, but I think his point was, thats a pain, but you’ve gotta get over it instead of wallowing.


Great, so now i throw the yoyo away


Don’t complain though. The yo-yo didn’t magically break on its own. YOU ruined the yo-yo all by yourself.


Well, you had no other choice.

My Fiesta XX has taken a beating. I am planning on getting another couple in the future as I really like them. I have to wonder what the heck you were doing to cause such damage.

Yes, I play mine over concrete. Sometimes there is no choice. Lots of bounces. Bounced off walls, tile floors, concrete, furniture, ceiling on “energenic throws”, bounced off trees, landed in bushes. LOTS of hard bounces.

So, I have to wonder how you’re treating this yoyo. It’s durable, it can take a beating. You’ve got to be doing something “above and beyond” any sort of reasonable usage, I would dare to guess.


Why don’t you post a picture of it and try to show what’s wrong. Let’s see if we can’t help you a little bit more.


I’ve thrown my used Fiesta as high as I can over cement several times with no major damage besides the obvious scuffs and caps popping off. After so long, my Fiesta still takes hits on the concrete like it’s no big deal.

Maybe it was a Fiesta with a defective axle or something, but putting super glue on it…




The plastic around the axle cracked, and i cannot superglue the axle to the plastic & cannot twist apart the yoyo


Pictures would still be great.