Velocity Problems.

Ok, I’ve got a problem with my bro’s Velocity.

When it comes up to my hand, it makes one half unscrew a bit.

The axle is not stripped, I am sure of that.

When it is spinning it also has a vibe. All because one side of the yoyo isn’t thight.

I probably suck at explaining, I’ll try my best again.

So, I’m trying to be more clear. When I untwist the yoyo, It will unscrew a bit, but the axle didn’t grip it, so it was easy to unscrew for a bit, then it git harder to unscrew.

If anyoe knows the solution, please tell me.

It sounds like the nut that is in each yo-yo half is starting to eat in the plastic. I have seen this happen, especially to yo-yoers that like to Throw hard and bind right away over and over and over. Take a look at the nut that holds the axle in place, it may involve removing the dials to get a closer look.


Wow, I would have never thought of that. I will always keep this in mind :slight_smile: Thanks Dr Yoyo ;D

This always happens to my eight8eight, and sometimes is sill doing it.

I’m not sure, but try Locktite Blue.

I’m too afraid to try it, but I’ve heard that it does work great.

How exacly would you take the dials off?

Use a small screwdriver and unscrew the small screws.

Take off the small cap, pull off the dial.

There you go.


Ok, thanks you so much guys, I’m goin’ to try it now.

How did you go? It it all fixed?

check the spacers, one may be backward.

Yes, It looked like the nut was stuck in the wrong position.

It is all fixed, thanks!