protostar cracking

A few weeks after getting my protostar i began to get cracks on the outside of the yoyo, directly across from the axle. I did not think it was problem, but the cracks kept progressing. As of late a huge crack appeared, almost to point where a piece could break off. I have had this yoyo for about 8 months and it has taken a few hits, but nothing major. Is this normal or did i get faulty model? Is there any way to fix it? Any and all help appreciated.

Sounds exactly like overtightening… sound like a possibility?


its been over tightened, but no more than a quarter turn past the suggested mark and very few times, none of them recent

This happens with alot of YYF plastics. You can try contacting YoYoFactory, but I don’t know if that will do much considering how long you’ve owned it/there are dings.

It happens.

It happens. I dont think it affects play or anything though from my experience. If it starts to be a problem that renders the yoyo unusable, then worry.

That run of Protostars still had cracking issues.

Contact YYF. They have great customer service. They will take care of you.

You appear to know more than us here. We do not know of any production run issues on protostars ever.

For the OP email

For others, over tightening past the indicators will damage your yoyo. These are precision made for performance and not to be ‘foolproof’ which would compromise the performance.




Actually, I think he made it over the river. XD

Frozen Bee calm down lol. Be nice to Ben. Silly.

Wow, you make it seem like all your yoyos are soooo perfect.  Hmm, lets see, if the previous run of Protostars didn’t have cracking issues, why would you be so willing to replace them all the time?  I’ll show you some examples of cracked Protostars.


Hmmm, 3 results I found in less than 5 mins.  And this isn’t counting the Northstar or Starlites.  I didn’t post without doing any research you know.

I don’t think It was a common issue. Yea you find more YYF cracked plastics than any other yoyos. But it’s because they’re so mass produced(as compared to other yoyos). A very small percentage of Protostars has problem, but there’s been a ton of them made, that’s why there’s cases of them cracked on here.

These yoyos are not bulletproof. Yes they can break, no it is not the users fault every time… But there is no known defective batch, the statement is misleading, factually incorrect, wrong.

For the customer I asked him to email me.

As for the rest of the rhetoric, ‘keep it real bro’.

My Protostar cracked around the same amount of time. I mean I don’t expect compensation or anything but I’ll send an Email because it’s for sure not an isolated case.

Sad day that thing cracked it was and still remains one of my favorites.

I normally wouldn’t comment on a charged thread like this, but…

I agree Ben could probably take the edge off his tone and it wouldn’t hurt him any. To be fair, I’m certain he doesn’t mean anything by it because I’ve seen him act like that with pretty much everyone on the forums. It’s just his way. I don’t agree with it but it’s not likely to change.
Also, I doubt Protostars and others are being readily replaced by YYF because of a bad run. YYF simply backs their products. I’ve had two experiences emailing their customer service and both times I was blown away by their support of their product and effort to keep a customer. Neither time was I complaining either. I was simply trying to track down some parts. I recommend to anyone with a problem with a YYF product to simply email them.

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Ill try be nicer ;D

YoYoing has always been my #1 passion and I do speak passionately about it. Sometimes I perhaps should tone it down more but I am only a mortal :-\

Haha, for some reason I liked that! ^

No offense, but I can’t believe you just said that lol.

I have to agree with others that have posted. I find that rude and feel that you are somewhat coming to the point that you think you have a greater knowledge than your customers. I (and I believe there are many others other than myself) believe you should have nothing but the highest level of respect for your buyers. To call a system fool-proof in the manner that you have is ridiculous.
This is a common problem, which I (and again, many others) believe yoyofactory should address with their polycarbonate yoyos. I actually bought a protostar new today that has light cracks around the response pads, AND various bubbles throught the yoyo (neon collection).
No disrespect intended in any way. I love yoyofactory. But, that may have degraded peoples opinion on your brand a bit.

…the creep…

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