Does the Protostar crack easily?


apperantly the northstar does, but it also looks like its a completely different plastic.


I just got a Northstar, so I have no idea if it is going to crack or not but I have heard that the solved that issue.

Any plastic yoyo can crack if you slam it down hard enough though.


Depends how you play. ^^^^ this guy is right. Although, because of the translucent plastic of the protostar, cracks and dings barely show up in it. Although, I gave my green one to my friend for him to keep, and after a week it has so many dings and it wobbles so much I can’t get it to sleep for over a minute. Just goes to show you it’s the throw, not the yo.


I hope you know cracks show up more on translucent plastics because you can see through the plastic thus giving you the ability to see internal cracks, Protostars can crack and it has been shown to be quite common, but I haven’t heard reports of them cracking for a while.


The protostar was my go to practice yoyo for a while now and I’ve beat the thing up completely to the point that I can’t seem to trade it sell it to anyone haha which is fine, it was my first yoyo so I’m good with keeping that one. But I have dropped it on concrete and learned new tricks with it in between shows when there was nothing but concrete to practice on. Which you know what that means haha. It is beat up good but I don’t have any cracks just a lot of dings and bumps, still plays fine though. I could never get a 1 minute sleeper with any of my throws so I guess that doesn’t matter haha. But it is a great one. The only reason I don’t use it anymore is that I have a DM2 and I fought it for a long time but I now believe it is a better throw in the same price range so it is my new practice throw. Except I’m taking better care of it haha. I have the protostar with me right now though at my gig so I still throw it around.


i just heard the northstar was prone to so i was hesitant, buti didnt know how often protostars did but since they are about the same i think i’ll get a northstar, thanks!


I haven’t ever heard of protostars cracking and I have two, one is pretty beat up and has had some really good hits on just random stuff, dosen’t have any cracks though. Personally I like the proto over the northstar from a performance standpoint. The northstar has a wierd feel like it is about to give out of spin but it has plenty left, thus making long combos feel very wierd to complete.


My advice is to not over tighten it, trust your grip, not the arrows