I’m planning to get one or two northstars and I heard that they break easily and crack? can anyone deny or confirm this??

from what ive herd yes. and playing with my friends northstar it just didnt feel good and it felt kinda cheap. i like the protostar better IMO i felt it jst feels more stable and man can that thing t ake a beating!

I would think the northstar can take more of a beating than a protostar… And sure, it cracks in extreme temperature changes and if you overtighten it. I have threw mine in the air (5a) and watch it hot the ground with like 1 scuff.

No it wont unless you put it on fire then try to freeze it.

They’ve improved the Northstars overtime. I got the Northstar and mine cracked, I contacted YYF and they sent me the newer run, and it hasent cracked or got crack marks or anything like that.

I have two Northstars.
Orange and Yellow.

They were both made on the 10/01/2010. (according to their printing)

The yellow one is my main ‘anywhere’ yoyo.
It travels in my car centre console, gets chucked in my pocket with my keys.
I have hit the cement and bitumen a few times with it, it has some scratches on the rim edge.
Nothing too serious.

It is a great yoyo and still well balanced.
I am planning on getting the blue and green ones as soon as finance permits.

So the direct answer is they are not fragile.


As long as you dont throw it for 4a you should be fine

I got a Northstar as soon as it was available on this site. It hasn’t cracked on me yet, and I found it to be amazingly stable for a plastic yoyo. However, I’ve never hit it that hard on the sidewalk. It certainly does not feel cheap though, and I don’t think it will crack anytime soon.