Why does the Northstar crack?

Of heard many inccidents of the YoYofactory Northstar cracking. Why is that so?

I dunno… but the protostar and starlight have the same problem.


The temperature thingie. Yeah. :slight_smile:

temperatue? u mean too hot or too cold?

The rings in the older runs were too big for the area in the plastic where they sat. This puts a constant pressure on the plastic causing it to eventually crack.

did they fix that?

Three guesses.

wow man i ordered one yesterday i hope it doesn’t crack :frowning:

The northstar cracks due to temperature change.

Your yoyoing outside in the cold. You go inside a warm house and put your northstar down. The sudden change it temp. can cause the yoyo to crack.

thanks man i’ll try and follow that :slight_smile:

I saw a few posts of the yoyos cracking after play… and my starlight cracked after a slam… (Hairline crack at hub… plz hold together…) I think it has something to do with the plastic… or the machining or something… you don’t see threads such as “my fhz cracked” very often, but with these yoyos, you see it a lot more…

You do, however, see lots of people complaining about YYJs cracking. That said, YYJ cracks are almost always only cosmetic…and people buy YYJs anyway because, on the whole, they are excellent-playing yoyos.

I have had 5 northstars crack on me. 3 in pocket 2 mid trick. One landed in a trap and I has just watching it spin and POP. It was quite comical actually.

that bad and im getting mine today. ANy tips and warning you can give me when i get mine?

I’m sorry, but I have to say, that is NOT a reason. I live up here in alaska. I’ve been yoyoing in -10 and colder, and went back inside where it’s 65+ degrees. I’ve put the thing down multiple times, and nothing happened.

This seems right to me as this is mainly what I hear.

Don’t hit concrete. Don’t put stress on it. Like in a pocket or something…

I’ve had a north star for a week now… Hasn’t cracked yet and I have been playing on it constantly. I think you will be good :wink:

Use force to break yoyo you did.

is that really true :-\ ive never heard that. atleast not to the same degree

I dunno… my starlight cracked, and I’ve heard a few. There’s not really that many, but I have heard about them… and I haven’t heard of a duncan cracking yet… except one that got run over by a car… and YYJ has hub cracking… but haven’t heard of that in awhile…