onestar caps


Just wandering if I can remove the YYF ShaqlerStar or Onestar caps? I’d like to mod them somehow.


If you remove the ShaqlerStar caps, you’ll destroy the yoyo, so don’t.

If you remove the OneStar caps, don’t expect to get them back in. They are hard to remove and pretty much impossible to replace. It’s not worth the hassle in my opinion.


I dont know about the shaquler star but you can remove the onestar caps with a suction cup
the best way to remove them is the suction cup but to make it easy to pull them out use your mouth at the end of the suction cup to pull them out I did it with my darkmagic 2 and it works fine


I did a cap mod on my DM2 with the caps.I got a paper and traced the caps and colored them however I wanted and put the papers in first before the caps and then put the caps.Then where it says DarkMagic II it has a different color to the caps
by the way dont ever put in the caps backwards because if you do you wont be able to get them out unless you destroy them/break.My friend did that and I tried to take them out and I couldn’t.


Thanks guys. I don’t want to try it if theres any chance of not being able to put them back in. I think I’ll hang loose on that until I see a youtube video of someone doing it to these exact yoyo’s.


You won’t.

There is no mod in removing the caps really.

The caps on the Shaqlerstar aren’t really caps. They do look like caps but are a piece to the yoyo.


The cap is the yoyo basically.

As for the OneStar. Taking them out will be similar to a YYJ yoyo. The only difference is that the Nut and Bolt won’t stay in.

If you shake the half of your OneStar with the axle you can hear it rattle.

Like this>

The axle and bolt will fall out everytime you unscrew, and you can loose it.

So, I would NOT take out or try to take out the caps. The OneStar, not a big deal, the Shaqlerstar NO you will break it.


Thanks for the scary picture. haha. I’ll just create some stickers to put over top the things that look like caps on the Shaqlerstar. But I may try the onestar, since those are cheap anyway.


Stickers might cause vibe. Don’t like the artwork?


Probably not. People have done it forever…


I HAVE actually, been able to get out those little dome caps on the Protostar by carefully knocking it out with the axle and putting in a YYF grind machine axle + Hubstacks. Although I don’t recommend it because there’s a chance it’ll crack.


The art is fine. I have a bright green onestar and I just put a purple string on it, and the color combination blew my mind. And now I want to do some more with the purple. :smiley:


I can’t see how a sticker is gonna cause vibe, or at least any vibe worth being concerned about.


It can cause a bit of vibe if he puts on one of those 3D stickers. The ones where it’s all fuzzy and things are popping out of them.


Maybe he should just glue a rock to the cap then?


Guys its just a sticker, I can remove it if I get vibe lol. I’m good to go, thanks for all the help!


You can use the obey propaganda stickers that comes from the sticker pack because it fits perfectly in the IRG of the Shaqler and/or Northstar hope I helped! :smiley: