Anybody have experience (good or bad) with removing OneStar caps?


Just curious, I have a WBD Onestar and thought about removing the caps and possibly seeing if there is room to add some o-rings. I don’t really have a problem with the yoyo, it plays great. I just like to tinker with stuff…


I started a similar thread a couple weeks ago here:

Looks like someone took them out with suction cups.  I haven’t tried it yet.  If you do try, let us know how it goes!


I had one of the older ones, I cant say weather or not this will still work… But I just pushed the axle into the ground and it popped the caps right out. Similar to how you would pop out a FHZ’s caps.


If you remove the caps to add weight rings, you’re just going to be adding more center-oriented weight since the rims are thick to have sufficient mass for the yoyo to be stable and weigh enough. If you’re fine with that, then go for it.


Thanks, thats sort of more or less the answer I was looking for, whether or not its really worth it in the end, from the sounds of it it really isn’t. I am not a fan of sidecaps though for some reason, so I may remove them anyway, but at least I know it may not be worth the effort to add o-rings for more weight.


It’s probably the same as the caps in the YYF One


Yeah, it has the same axle and nut set up, like the whip, loop 808, or stackless grind machine.
This just gave me an idea of hubstacking a loop 808! :smiley:


Well everybody’s talked about a stacked protostar in the past.

Now we can do it!


Protostar? I’ve only seen one of them stacked and the whole bubble cap part thing was chopped off.


Their easy to take out, but to me, extremely hard to put in.
you just unscrew it, and hit the axle on a table pretty hard, and a cap pops out. I didn’t really know how to take the other out so I put the axle through the hole on ge other side and pushed.the thing is though, if you unscrew the yoyo without the caps (unless I did something wrong) a piece falls out. And to put it in… Its hard.


Sanding around the edges and stuff will help them go in easier.


Ohhh okay, I just play with 1 cap in and 1 cap out, it doesn’t change play to me, it just looks cool cuz on one throw, it shows ge caps (white) and on the next, it shows blue (if you know what I’m talking about), also, another cool thing to do is put the caps on, but the part that says “ONEstar”, put that side facing twords the yoyo, so the cap looks just plain white. I like it like that, simple


Awesome. I’m going to check this out.