Original Onestar cap removal help

I have one of the white Onestar yoyos that were available at BAC. I really like it but I don’t really like the look of the caps. I have never been a big fan of them in general on yoyos.

Is there a good way to remove them?

I’ve tried taking them off with a suction cup but it doesn’t work. I can normally use this method for my yoyojams just fine but it just doesn’t work with this throw.

Any advice?

It depends, do you want to keep the caps? If so then its going to be hard.

Ideally yes I would like to keep them, just in case it effects play. Have you ever taken them out?

Slam the axle half down on a table, then screw the axle into the other half and repeat.

not sure if you should do this… the caps may not be removable… i tried that once with some old yoyo i had and it just blew through the cap and it didn’t come out, leaving a huge hole instead.

It’ll work, the One Star uses the nut and bolt set up, like the FHZ.

Then, Without caps the Bolt will not stay in, it will fall out and be hard to screw in.

You know you can put the caps back in, right?