my yoyo won't unscrew


for some reason my hitman pro won’t unscrew, I don’t know how to take off the caps, when I turn the halves they sort of ratchet but don’t come apart, what do I do?


This problem has happened to me also… I’m not sure how you’re supposed to get it off, maybe you should ask the manufacturer?


you could try the old suction cup method to get the caps off or us some tape and try to pull them off that way

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Theres the ol’ stab something sharp in there and rip them off.

Then again, thats of course if you only intend to never use the caps again for cosmetic purposes.

Otherwise suction cup or duct tape is your best bet.


I don’t think removing the caps is really going to help all that much.

I haven’t really taken a good look inside my DM2, but I would think that if there is some sort of ratchet type sound, that the axle system has broken and chances are the yoyo is beyond salvation. Well, maybe with some epoxy, but we’re not looking at a fix that will truly be other than a temporary patch at best.

I think you may have screwed it down too tight in the first place and/or it took one heck of a gigantic pop.

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You may have stripped the axle.
Should send it to a Mod / Manufactuer.
The best way is sending it to get replaced/fixed/retapped/etc.

The best way to get caps off wihtout damaging it is to just use a Sticky appliance that you can pull on.
So Ducttape , Suction Cups .

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Your in luck

I play mine without the caps on.



I did take a cap off once when I put some electrical tape on it, but I put the tape on it to track sides and spin direction. It was brief and I like how it looks better “caps in” anyways.

But, thanks for the shot. I bet all the Solid Spin Axles are like this, so it’s good reference material and is valid to this message thread.

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The solid spin axle separated from the plastic I bet.


Yes you probably overtightened it and screwed it in slightly crooked at the same time. Send it back to the manufacturer after you call/email them and they tell you to. They might send you a free one.


It sounds like you separated the solid spin from actual yoyo by over tightening. What you want to do is either remove the caps, and apply a little bit of crazy glue in between the metal and the plastic on oth sides or contact yoyojam if you’ve had the yoyo for less then 30 days.

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Yes, all ss yyj’s look like this.

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“Agree, I do”
-Yoda of Yoyoing

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So is it yoyoduh?

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Mmmm Hmmm. YoYoda I am.


Two things yoyo axle is brused the cheap yyj axle nut at the end is not placed in right or just contact yyj


Just contact YYE if you bought it here. Contact the store you bought it at if not. You can contact YYJ but it’s better to go through the chain of purchase.


um, maybe go to youtube to look up how to take them off.


I think we should stop posting in this thread. It is pretty old (22 days since op) and it would appear as if the problem has been resolved.