Something Happened


Hey, I was playing my Crazy-D and all of a sudden I hear a rattling noise înside it. I unscrewed it nd everything seemed to be okay. But when I shook the yoyo one side was rattling when I shook it, and when I play with it it produces a TON of vibe, what should I do?

Thanks in advance


I’m pretty sure that the caps unscrewing


What color is it?


It is the black and Blue Hype one.

I don’t think it is the caps unscrewing, could you give me some reason why


Bearing lose a ball? Is there a nut underneath the cap? I don’t know what the D looks like under the cap. Just a thought.


I’d just pop out the cap like you would a fhz and hope for the best

I believe the newer ones don’t unscrew but pop in


The crazy-D caps weren’t meant to be taken out, anyway I couldn’t seem to take the caps out anyway. Any other way I could fix it?

(2Sick Joey) #8

Is it inside the Yoyo half or the bearing?


it is inside the yoyo half, and on a side note, of I was at worlds I could just ask Mickey, but I am not. :frowning:


If it’s in the yoyo half then something must have fallen off under the cap. Taking the cap off is the only option.


How would you take them off?


If the axle will slide to the end of the cap, you may be able to pop it that way. If not, you may have to drill a hole in it…

It seems, maybe, something holding the axle in one side may have fallen off, behind the cap? I don’t know for sure since I can’t see it. It should have some “end piece” that the axle threads into.

Unless it has an aluminum sleeve inside the yoyo for the axle to thread into… I’m pretty sure it has a through-axle, mainly, because it has caps to hide such a thing.


The axle system is basically the standard axle for most metals, so, I think it has a metal sleeve (if I understand that term correctly). I really love this yoyo and I don’t want to drill a hole in it, are sure there is no other way?


I’m pretty sure the caps are threaded. Push your palm against the cap and turn it counterclockwise. It should screw off.


You can try putting a suction cup on there and twisting counter clockwise


Drill a hole in the cap and use an allen wrench to pull it off.


Maybe contact sOMEThING? It would be safer, and they may ship you a replacement.


i say do what big cat says just contact them and if they can’t help then tear it apart


I actually couldn’t find a way to contact sOMETHING if you could help me it would be appreciatied


Okay, so if I understand correctly, sOMEThING is a brand of yoyos created by Mickey’s store, YoyoAddict? Kind of like Zeekio and BillyBob’s? If so, I’ve found the contact info for YoyoAddict. I can PM you it, just tell me if you want it. And mods, very sorry for mentioning the store, please, take it down/modify this if you need to.