DM side cap question

I’ve had my dark magic for a few months now and have been wanting to try it with the side caps out. I read here that what was needed was a small suction cup. I don’t have one and haven’t looked into buying one, but something happened today.

It was raining out so I took a water repellent jacket with me to go eat dinner at the grandparents with yoyo in pocket. It wasn’t a hot day but the sun did eventually come out and warm things up to no more than 80. I left the yoyo in the car thinking it would be fine since it wasn’t hot out.

Well, when I got home and took it out of my pocket one of the side caps fell into my hand. The other now turns freely. Also, now when I throw it down there is a rattle. At high rpm it seems to smooth out but as soon as it slows down or sometimes when it hits a string it makes this rattling sound. I really don’t like the rattle. It also annoys me that the side cap moves so easy. I guess I just got used to it being fixed in one place.

So for the rattling side cap, what should I do, live with the rattle or is there an easy way to stop it?

As for the side cap that fell out, I think I’ll just leave it out.

I would contact Andre, and see what he can do for you.  YYJ is very very fair.

The same thing happened to me, I just took both caps off anyways. And i wouldnt necessarily say tha the caps being loose is a defect. Just something that happens, by something as simple as the way that the plastic sit in the yoyo. But if it bugs you just take the caps out and keep them.

It sounds like the caps shrank/yoyo expanded some is all. Shouldn’t be a problem. You can just take them out and have it play fine.

As for the rattle, do you know if it’s from the caps or if it’s possibly coming from the bearing?

It’s not mine, but since I had the similar happen I would say the other cap is rattling in the side of the yoyo

I’m 100% the rattle is the side cap. My bearing makes odd noises here and there but it’s a totally different kind of sound.

Taking both out is an option that I may try but I rather like the side caps. It’s a good design. I know I could stop the rattle by gluing them in place but that’s much to final of a solution. So maybe something that’s just a little sticky? I don’t know.

But to get out this other rattling side cap I need a way to do it. You wouldn’t think a suction cup would be that hard to find but we don’t have one anywhere in the house, aside from one. And that one is larger than the yoyo itself.

So any ideas on where to get a suction cup cheap? Or another safe way to get it out?

I use Duct Tape. It works pretty well…

Not to take this thread off topic, especially since I’m the one that started it, but your duct tape comment made me think of something.

They have contests for duct tape prom dresses, and there are duct tape wallets and hats, how about a duct tape yoyo?

a duct tape yoyo :o :o :o :o :o i want to make that!!!

the rim may have got burned?

I don’t think that’s the cause at all. I had the same thing happen to me, the side caps fell off while my DM was spinning, and I was so dumb to put the cap on backwards. Now it has a rattle like yours does. I am going to get a cap-taker-offer at Nats.

where you live?
ill ship you one for free probaably

How about you just cut the suction cup that you have so that it will be the right size? Or you could just use a knife.

I’m okay. No thanks, I’ll just do it at Nats.

Well… if you don’t want it anymore, I found a very destructive way… then again, not that bad, it just creates a hole. Take a pin/needle/nail, and puncture a small hole in the yoyo. Enlarge the hole with a knife, then take a cork opener spiral thingy, and just put that in and rip it out.

Yeah. Generally people just put a small screw into it, but either way.

cut out the middle man!

Stab that sucka with a knife and use leverage to pop it out!

I got mine out by just using some athletic tape and sticking it to the cap and pulling. It came out fairly easily.

Alright, thanks for the advice there. I used some duct tape, stuck it to the side cap and pulled it out. It took several tries, but I finally got it.

So now that it’s out I’ll try throwing with both caps out, but I think I’m going to want to put them back in later. But for right now while I’ve got them out I’m going to clean it up and get that shine back. I started off trying baking soda. It wasn’t quite cutting it. So I’m going to try and pick up some of that Wizard stuff for motorcycles.

But then I can’t help but think that maybe I should just carry on with tarnished rims and put that $12 towards my BigYo fund.

Save the money for your big yo fund… Dull rims are alright…