Legacy caps loose.

Hey guys, I have a quick question.

I just got a nice new legacy in the mail, awesome yoyo, blue, fave color, but the caps are quite loose in the yoyo, they can spin freely inside the yoyo’s rim and they rattle during play.

They dont fall out luckily but still, the sound gets annoying and it makes the yoyo feel somewhat insecure.

Anyone have any insight on what to do for this situation?

I have had this happen to other yoyos with caps, but I would just remove that caps and keep playing, but since the legacy has very cool caps, I would like to keep them on.

Thanks for any help!


I want to say glue, but this is not actually my field. I’m not creative enough to think of anything else than glue.

Double Sided tape :smiley:

They might have shrunk or have a Factory error. I think you will just have to use some sort of sticky material to get them to stick on the inside.

You cam Email YYJ and see what they say, they always are nice. I have heard of people getting extra caps from them.

I’ve never had that happen :-\

Is it brand new, like from a shop?

If so, maybe you might contact the shop, but if I were you, I’d just take the caps off.

I was thinking that too, but if he ever wanted to take them out, he couldn’t.

This happened on a YYJ of mine once… but I liked it, so I didn’t do anything about it…

Happen’s to mine too!

Push the caps in the middle a little harder. Also, I had this happen to my Speeder. Once I played it a little bit, it tightened. Then they won’t wobble or be loose. Also, if that fails, take the caps out and then push them back in.

Happens on a lot of YYJs, Josh.

Your only options would be to hit up Andre hoping for a new pair that might fit, take em out, or learn to deal with it.

I think with glue or tape you may run a small risk of the yoyo becoming unbalanced. Not sure though.

If you’re good with silicone, take the caps out and fill the places where they sit with a very clean silicone job.

Press the caps in while the silicone is still “gooey” and let it sit until it dries. I’ve never tried this, but I think it will work.

The good thing is that if it doesn’t, its very easy to remove. It may vibe, but it sounds like it is anyway.

Your caps were probably cut too small… I would just contact YYJ tech… They are mega ultra super nice and would probably send you a new set…

Good luck!

They’ve all said it, but I also had this problem with my brand new Journey. I don’t like playing with caps anyways so I took it out, but one cap was spinning freely also. Everyone has said it, but just ask YYJ and I’m sure they’ll work something out with you.

You might not even want to ever take the caps off the legacy, unless you want to rreplace them. The inside is really ugly.

unless you polished the rings ive seen that done and it looks pretty cool