YYJ Legacy

Ok I have had the legacy for awhile and I havn’t found out a way to remove the caps (if its possible). So does anyone have some ideas?


two words suction cups

i tried that and when i did the design on the yoyo made it to where the suction cups didn’t stick

leave the caps on the weight rims look like crap

what does it look like? ???

They look like metal, but they’re not polished or anything so it looks unattractive. Trust me, you don’t need to take off the caps.

ok got it so caps on = good and caps off =BAD!!


Whether the rings look “good” or not, if you want to take the caps off, take the caps off.

The designs aren’t keeping them from coming off. If you need to, put a little bit of water on the cap first. This will make the suction stronger.

Beauty is but skin deep…

They are freaking ugly though. Duct tape works too but this rubs off some of the design so it wont look as good once you find out how ugly the rings are and put the caps back on

ok ok now i have another problem it desided to become responsive and i clean the bearing and it was still responsive?

check and make sure that nothing is in the bearing or bearing seat that could slow it down

In my opinion, any YYJ without its caps is less desireable. It shows the patent number and seems very generic.