ok so on the DM can u take out the clear section on the sides with out affection performance

The caps you mean? Yes you can. Some people even like them better like that.

Yes you can, they are called caps. You can take them out with a suction cup.

If you are talking about the part that says “Dark Magic” then yes you can.  Those are called caps or pogs and are usually pretty easy to take out with a suction cup.

Also seen/talked about here:


Also, about your other topic, you won’t need to clean your bearing until you hear a sound that sounds like grinding metal or if you notice a huge perfomance decrease.

The reason I brought this to this thread was because you don’t need two threads to ask two questions.

cheers guys now i just have to find a suction cap… lol

You can also use duct tape or if you do not really want the caps any more, you can use something sharp to poke a hole in the cap before prying it out using the hole.

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