SOS help!!!

I put the cap on my dark magic on backwards! Now the grooves are showing and the suction cup won’t hold!!! Help! :-[ ??? :-[

Just keep trying.

If you don’t want the caps, poke a hole through them with a knife andremove them.

Mix some mild cleaning solution with water (dish soap works well) and apply this to the cap and the suction cup.

This mixture helps create a stronger seal to be able to remove the cap.

Make sure that you don’t get any water in or around the bearing. I recommend taking it out while doing this.

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Uh… No they’re to dang cool… I thought about it but thats a definite last resort…

Thankfully if that happens i got a second bearing

Thanks again your a lifesaver! (or yoyosaver whatever…)

One more thing. How do i tale the bearing out without damaging it?

Use the rounded part of any pair of pliers, ad just wiggle it out. This wont cause any damage unless you use a very very large amount of force.

Grip it with pliers, and gently wiggle it out.

yeah gmuser is right keep trying but a hole through them if you dont want them.

or if you want to be dumb like me i did this 1ce bang your yoyo on the fround really hard it wouked for me but it leaves a mark:(


Ok… Ill get back to you…

Haha I know something that jm doesn’t! purell worked better than soap just a dollap and it was gripping better than usual!!!

Bu…but…how could this be? I know everything!
//End sarcasm

So I am assuming that you got the cap out, yay!

i ordered a legacy and a suction cup came with it
one half was on and one was off

LOL yeah. you know more than me, is more of what I meant.

Haha, we all know enough.

What does that have to do with any thing? ???

At least I know more than all my friends and every kid in my school it’s not very popular around here :-\

Did you get them off then?

Please stop double and triple posting. There is a modify button at the top right corner of each post.

I used a knife on mine.

Oh sorry I’ve only been at this for 3 days… and yeah they came off