stuck yoyo cap

i was in the dark when i put my dm yoyo cap on and i put it in backwards.i tried using a knife and the knife broke then i tried tape and it took a little of the paint off and the suction cup wont suction.what do i do?

Heat the yo-yo up by running it under hot water. This causes the rims to expand ever so slightly to make it easier to remove the caps. Then try the suction cup again. A little bit of water between the caps and the suction cup will also help it stick better.

i use a big peice of duct tape its very strong and will get ur cap off

the paint started to come off so i just put a push pin through it and took it out.I think actualy have extra caps for my dm anyway. oh well.

Get a very thin knife like an Exacto-Knife and slowly, without hurting the yoyo, pry it into the gap between the cap and rim. Slowly move it out.

It works like a magical charm. But maybe the gap between the cap and rim on the DM is too small.

He already got it out, and if you don’t have a spare it’s ok, I would leave the cap out for thumb grinds.

Just giving my advice…