dm side need help

i finaly got my dm!!! ;D
so i took the sides out and i Accidentally put it in backwards and now its stuck.any one know what i can do? ???

You mean the caps? If so, use a suction cup to get them out. If you can’t do that, use a small knife, but be very careful, because knives are sharp. I don’t see why you want to take them out so badly.

thanks ;D ill try the knife the suction cup wouldent work

If you use a knife, you’re going to poke a hole in the cap… make sure you want that/

If you can’t get it out with the suction cup, trying putting a bit of water on the cap and then use the suction cup. This will help make a tighter seal on it. It also helps to have the cup similar in size to the cap. Just make sure not to get any water around the bearing.

Before trying a knife or poking a hole in your cap, try duct tape. I just went through this myself. It didn’t work the first time but I finally got it out with a bit of tape. It wasn’t easy but better I thought than putting a hole in my cap.

But if you can get a suction cup, go that route.

a knife is too risky, try a suction cup and use needle nose pliers to pull it away. it adds more force to those hard to get off caps

I got it with the suction cup with water and used pliers for a better grip or my dad did actually.