DMII Cap removal - need help

Does anyone know how to get the end caps out of a DMII? I want to take them out but haven’t quite figured out how yet. I tried the screw driver route but ended up almost stabbing myself. ???

I tried using a suction cup and it worked for my friend but it didn’t work for me so you could try that and see if it works. Like the suction cups that you use to hang stuff on windows.

I got mine out by using a sharp knife to poke a hole in the cap and then pry it out, just popped out easily.

Here’s what happened to me:

I was tracking sides as I was learning tricks and I wanted to keep track of which side was whick(don’t ask, I forget the logic at the time) and so I put a bit of electrical tape on one cap. When I went to remove the tape, the cap popped off. It was the looser of the 2 caps. But, if you’re going to go this route, let the tape cure on there for a bit, say 20 minutes to let it get good and stuck on there. Also, don’t be cheap, use a fairly decent sized piece. Heck, make it easier on yourself and pinch it in the middle so you make yourself a handle for easier removal.

Hot glue.

Seriously, put some hot glue on it and wait at room temp for about 25 min then use pliers and pull it off.

Tried everything, but nothing worked. So I stabbed my caps with a pocket knife and pried them out

I didn’t want to harm the caps, so I balled up electrical tape and stuck it on the cap and pulled. One side came off, but the other side is apparently glued on or something. I think duct tape would work well too.

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:o Me too.

Don’t use Duct tape unless you have no choice. The residue from that stuff is, well, yucky.

I’ve had both caps off my DM2 using electrical tape to remove it. One cap still loose. I like the way the yoyo looks with the caps in so I’ll deal with the noise.

I ran a screw through it, then pulled. They popped right out. Personally, I like the way it looks without the caps. Thanks for all the input. I tried the tape route and nothing really seemed to work.

All that matters is that in the end you’re happy with it. So, good for you and keep throwing!