Dark magic 2 caps... How do you get them off?

As the title says, I want to take off the caps, but I can’t get them off. Do you guys have any tips?

I got one of them off, but put it back on, because the other one was still on. :o

Help, please?

Put scotch or masking tape on the caps and then just pull them off :slight_smile:

suction cups work too

I think I’ll try the tape. I don’t have suction cups. :slight_smile:

Uh oh. I can’t get one off. The other one was placed the wrong way. So I can’t use suction cups… Help?

Wait never I got it. It just took a few extra pops

Nerf darts

well you can always try cutting it you can always get another cap if you lose it thanks to yoyo jam if you lose a cap they give them away free

There was a hot glue method I posted a while ago. Let me go and find it.

EDIT Found it. It is an alternative to the packing tape route, which can take paint off of caps.

you probably have one lying around! check your shower, nerf darts (like yourbbq said) , garage, stuff attached to the wall, even the fridge!