taking caps off the DM2

I’ve had a dark magic 2 for quite some time now and i really wanna take one of the caps off so i can start practicing some simple grind tricks on my thumb. Anyone got any suggestions on what worked for them? thanks :smiley:

Suction cups. I used a Nerf gun dart to remove mine.

Yep, best way is a suction cup, especially if you don’t want to ruin the caps.

Suction cups are the only way really.

For me the trouble is getting them off when they’re backwards…I’m screwed.

Should work on either side. Wet it first.

Mine got stuck backwards once, and you’re right its a PAIN to get it out. Normally, I just use a little nerf dart and it’ll get the cap out, but when it was backwards it just wouldn’t budge. My wife has a rack in the shower to hold all her stuff thats held up with suction cups that are pretty much the size of the cap, I used that and it came out pretty much no problem. so just look for a larger suction cup and it should pop right out.

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One of my DM2 caps wasn’t secure (because I chose the cheap $8 shipping method) and kept on wriggling about until it eventually fell off. lol :smiley:

Another way is to put a small hole in the caps and use that to pull them out. But unfortunately that method wrecks the caps.

Put hot glue on it then let that dry and use pliers and pull on the glue, it will come out but some of the writing on it might come off.

will the hot glue come off?

I had one that would not come off with a suction cup at all. So like mentioned, I put two pin holes in it and threading a paper clip in one hole and out the other. Then used pliers to pull on the two ends of the paper clip and pulled the cap off.

You didn’t really notice the holes because I put them in the two circles in the bottom, which are conveniently the same size as a push pin.

Just invest in a larger suction cup…

I cut a hole in mine, and it worked, but destroyed the caps.

Yes, quite easily too.