DM2 cap removal

Hello, im just wondering if i can use a knife to punch a hole into my DM2 caps to make it big enough for me to remove it?
i dont have a suction cup thing, so this is the only way i can think of.
my caps on my DM2 is uneven, one if them is popped up and the other side is normal. i think this gave my DM2 a little vib on its throw.

One of my caps rattles or spins. The other not so much.

You can use tape. Electrical works best but use a generous strip, pinch it in the middle to make a removal handle and let it cure for at least 6 hours on there. It will stick nice, but still come off fine, even if you let it sit for longer. Just pull fast and hard.

I dislike duct tape, or at least what is called duct tape(it’s not used for duct work, there’s a metal tape for that!). But it can work for this application. Or gaf tape.

Personally, I like it with the caps in, but that’s just me.

Suction cups are pretty common, you can get them from the dollar store on those guns that shoot them. You can use electrical tape, by it might take of some of the artwork on the caps. Putting a hole in them works as well, and you can get free caps from yyj if you ever wan’t to re-install them.

you can push on the cap this creats a little space by the edge. Then stick a toothpick or tip of a knife in there and they will pop off.

I had a suction cup but one of them was on their too tight that the suction cup wouldn’t pull the cap off. So I used a push pin to put two small holes in the cap (in the middle of the little circles to be noticed less) and then threaded a paper clip through them. Once I got it in one hole and out the other (with more effort that I thought) I used some pliers to grab both ends and pop, came right out.

Since when does the dollar store have good suction cups? ??? I tried using those once without success.

Ps: You can always use Scotch™ tape