DM Caps

how do i take off the DM caps, cuz there are no screws in it or anything. ???

Suction cups, just pop em on, and pop caps off :slight_smile:

As OldSchool said, suction cups will work. An alternative to suction cups is duct tape. :slight_smile:

Yep, Suction cups can be bought at $1 shops, hardware shops, etc. Dm caps don’t need too strong suction cups like hitman, they can come off with toy gun suction cups.

If you don’t have any of the materiels above, and don mind slightly harmng your cap, drill a small hole into it, then take something small that fits the hole, and pop it out.

OR if you want to be more violent about it: knife, stab, pry.

Haha - I’ve done this before with my Lyn Fury and X-ConVict.

haha i did the same with my legacy worked well and i just keep the caps off because the paint was “melting”

Legacy’s are super easy to remove with cheap suction cups.