Yoyo caps


I just got a new dark magic 2 yo-yo and I accidentally put the caps in backwards. Its really hard to get them out now. Is there any way I could get them out? I tried suction cups but the ones i used were not very strong. Please help.


The back side is textured. You’ll probably need to drill a hole and then yank it out that way. Sorry. I bought a used one that way, so I’m just leaving it as-is because it still otherwise plays flawless.


use duck tape


the duct tape will probably take the silver printing off, but other than that it might work


Drill them out. Caps suck anyways.


I hate the caps too


If you don’t putting a hole in the cap you can also just stab it (carefully) with a knife and pry it out that way (again carefully) as opposed to using a drill.


A safety pin, or fish hook


if you want to save the caps use duct tape to pull them off. It might take the engraving on it


Wet the suction cup. Makes it stick better.


this was my thoughts as well


The backside of the caps of the DM2 are textured due to the way the graphics are applied. So, that won’t work to remove a backwards cap as it won’t be able to make a seal.

I find duct tape to be a bit too destructive, and in my case, it hasn’t worked on removing that cap. I did use duct tape to remove the caps off my Unleashed yoyos to do pog swapping. That was a pain!

I might try gaf tape later if I really feel motivated.


Same thing has happened to me. I put hot glue on the backwards cap and let it dry. Then I got pliers and pulled the glue, pulling the cap off at the same time. It ruined the cap’s design and made it a bit loose but it got the job done.


Smear a very light layer vasoline on the cap surface
press a suction cup down slow and even (making sure a nice vaccume seal is created)
yank straight up quickly :wink:

If the cap does get ruined, send a self-addressed, pre-stamped envelope and a note requeting replcement caps to YoYo Jam and they will hook you up at at no additional costs.
Expect them in 1-2 weeks

YoYoJam Customer Service
252 Industrial Blvd.
Fort Valley GA 31030


yes, I know they are textured.
I’ve found that wetting the cup works on textured caps as well.


I think I need another suction cup. Got any recommendations where to get a decent one then? I need to get some new ones to secure some tubing in my large aquarium anyways.


Hardware store - got the wall hanger type w/the hook on the back, about 1.5 in. diameter.


I gotta go to Home Depot tomorrow. I can easily make a little detour before getting 48-inch florescent tubes! Thanks!