sidecaps on Dark Magic

so i feel like an idiot but i don’t wanna break the side caps on the Dark Magic yoyo but i want to take them off. is there i trick i’'m missing to this or do you just have to be rough with it?

please help?

best way is to get  little suction cup like the ones on a kids toy gun suction bullet thing! lol
heres a link


hope that helps!

i just kinda jimmied mine out with a knife! BE CAREFUL! dunno how old u r but may be best gettin an adult to do it! (that wasn’t meant to sound condescending or as if ur stupid! lol)

also if u do it that ay u might scratch ur side cap! which would suck!
so its probs best off doin the suction cup way!

hope that helps! any other questions just ask!

Yep. Just remember, whatever you do, do not put the caps in backwards. The suction cups have a hard time gripping on the back side of the cap (No pun intended), and you might not be able to remove them.

Suction cups can be bought at a dollar store or a hardware store.

I just use a piece of duct tape, because I don’t have a suction cup and it works just as well.

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I like your method Kim-lan. Its the best way to do it!

wish id thought of that lol