Which yoyo?

Which yoyo does the guy teaching all those tricks on this site use? its the red one that he uses for begining intermidiate ect

Its Andrea and as always, hes using a darkmagic…

ok cool becuase i wanted to know who he was and what yoyo he used cause i use that yoyo cause i was pretty sure that was it thanks

lol, Andrea.

I know you meant Andre, but I thought it was funny.

His name is André Boulay. He made this site and is the team captain of team yoyojam. He is also the designer of the DarkMagic. if you want to know about team yoyojam look here. http://yoyojam.com/team-yoyojam. later and keep it spinning.

how do i pop that little dark magic sign out so i can do thumb grinds?

well theirs many different ways you can take caps or pogs out. 1 you can yous a suction cup from a toy gun, you know an suction cup bullet. 2 you can use a suction cup from a hardware store. 3 you can get duct tape and stick on there(note: tape doesn’t last to long). 4 you can gouge it out with a flat head screw driver(note: only do this if you don’t want the caps any more).And 5 You can buy a pog remover from yoyoguy.com here. http://www.yoyoguy.com/PN/YT04/Yo-yo-Tools/Pog-and-Bearing-&-Jam-Tool. Hope this helps, and remember keep it spinning.

Suction cup for the win. You can get them at almost every hardware store and you can cut them down to size if necessary.

how do i get it off with duct tpe ive tried and it doesnt work

If you don’t want the caps/pogs, you can just stick a pin in there and hook it out

i want to keep them i just dont want them on the yo yo in case i want to put them back in

the suction cup ftw

Just go to your local hardware store and buy a suction cup. Or a pack because i dont think you can buy them individually.

well if i ant get them off with the tape i will but can someone give me some advice on using the tape to get them off

EDIT: I prefer my DM without caps, polished (or satined), siliconed, and a broken in kk.

so…? anyone got any advice

Try to get as much of the duct tape on the cap as possible before trying to get it off. If that doesn’t work the only way is a suction cup.

Well what i use to do is get a cutting board and knife an make it the same size of the cap. next you can take some superglue and glue a toothpick to it to grab on to. It takes a little time but if theirs no other way this should work. also putting you yo in towel fresh out the dryer will help loosen the caps. makes the metal expand for a little wile and releases the caps easier. This takes some time so i suggest you keep you caps out a lot if you use this method. also mind that fresh brand new caps aren’t as easy to take out as one that have been used for a wile. Still i strongly suggest getting a suction cup. Hope it helps and remember keep it spinning.