remove caps

can anyone tell me how to remove the caps on a dark magic w/o a suction cup ???

Well, there’s another way I used. try using something strong and pointy like a compose needle or a needle.
Try jabbing a hole in the caps and pushing the needle up to pop off the caps. This will make your caps ungly and useless though.

o.k is there another way

You can get a piece a of tape , preferably duck tape, Place the tape on the cap and pull(but this might leave some adhesive that you can just scratch off) ;D ;D :smiley: :smiley:

Hopes this helps… it works(Just not every time)

Or you can throw it as hard as you can against a wall.
It worked for me.

I used Duct Tape for mine… Then I put one back in backwards by mistake and it would not come out so I stabbed it and pulled it out with a fork. Good luck!

are u crazy or something :o

sometimes its hard with a suction cup, but keep trying!

Take a thumb tack, the pointy needles, and stab it a little. Pull out.