Side cap stuck

Hi. Anyone has any idea in removing the side cap of dark magic 2?? I accidentally put one of the cover inside out and suction cup cannot remove it.

Sounds like your only option is to try to pry it out with a knife point.

Duct tape(the plastic backed fake stuff, not the metal backed real stuff). Stuck on, rub down for a few seconds to get good adhesion, wait a minute(more OK, but not needed) and YANK!!

It also helps if you make yourself a pull handle by pinching it in the middle.

Warning: This method may yank off some of the decoration.

Note: Smooth side out!!

Does not work. Still stuck there

Use hot glue and pliers. Worked for me when I had the same problem.

How? Use hot glue and glue the pliers there before pulling it out?

Not quite.

Make a blob of the hot glue on the cap, large enough to be grasped securely with the pliers. Grap with pliers and pull. You can usually re-heat the glue a bit to remove the blob afterwards.

I haven’t done this myself.

Could not work cause I don’t have hot glue

Then you have two choices:

Punch/drill/cut a hole in it, stuff something in there to yank it off. Probably not an ideal solution.


Live with it.

You can send a self-address stamped envelop to YYJ to require a replacement, but that might take a while considering postal times both ways.

I took a tack to the edge of the cap and pried it out from the side. It will mash your cap and maybe stratch the aluminum.

can I use silcon instead.

Probably not. Hot glue sticks better.

Just take a knife and carefully work around the edge prying it up. Should work ok.

The other option is to wet the suction cup. Makes it stick better - just lick it.