Yoyo cap struggle

So I just got my dark magic 2 in the mail works great, I have broken up the glue as I can spin them freely put I can’t seem to remove them, help I’ve already tried suction cups like a billion times and it won’t come out

You can use a suction cup. Just press it on tightly and pull it off.

I’ve gone thru similar struggles, but the caps annoy me so much I end up breaking them to get them out haha.

I don’t think they’re glued on. Neither of the two I have are.
Wet the suction cup. It improves the suction.

Caps suck so just stab it knife and rip them out.

If you ever want new ones, you can send a self-addressed stamped envelope to YoYo Jam and they’ll replace them.

Bigger suction cup and a bit of water will do the trick. Those suckers are a nuisance sometimes.


yoyo’s should just come with caps on the side lol or spare caps