How do u remove the caps of the DM2?

Tried duct tape and don’t have nerf darts…
Also will removing the caps/ putting caps back on add vibe?

You “unremove” the caps by pushing them back in. Make sure you face the correct side down, otherwise they may be hard to remove after.

No vibe. To remove them a suction cup is the best way, but there are alternatives depending on the type of yoyo. What yoyo are you using?

Never mind, I feel stupid. Put the duct tape on the cap, then instead of pulling it off, twist it in a circle, the pull.

Sorry fixed

Didn’t worj

Anything else??

Break them

Anything else :frowning:

Go buy a suction cup. A big one that’s almost the size of the caps.
Wet it before you stick it on.

Is this the dm2 I gave you?

Either way Ive had 3 dm2s and Ive removed the caps on all of them with duct tape… Just make sure it really sticks then pull it out FAST

Dude, didn’t you see Takahiko Hasegawa’s AP performance? I mean, he made it quite clear how to remove caps on your yoyo…just watch the video of it on YouTube.

A suction Cup. A bit bidder than a nerf dart. You may be able to find them around the house. They’d come with a light fixture or a shower hook

STEP 1 Drill a hold in the yoyo

STEP 2 Stick your pump hose in the hole

STEP 3 Start pumping

STEP 4 Watch it fly

I use a small tack and poke a hole then pry it out…

If all those fail as a last resort you can hold the yoyo over boiling water which makes the caps get soft and then push them down and pry it out. The only problem is that it ruins the caps.

They have to come out, unless its a special one, or someone superglued them in.

Bought new or used?

Got it in a trade?

Get a tack and make a tiny hole in it and pry it out.

Double, sorry bad wifi in my room…