tuning a Yoyojam


Any special methods? I’m sure My vexed is fine, know about yoyojam vibe, just wondering if their are any methods such as taking the caps off which may work to give it just a little less vibe.
Thank you dear thrower!


Well you can do the standard tuning procedure of flipping axel/ bearing, different axel/ bearing, change how much you tighten it, or Teflon tape/ loctite. With yoyo jams I guess you could also take off the caps like mentioned. You could also try switching which sides they are in possibly?

I honestly think the biggest way to lessen what people are calling “vibe” is simply learning how to throw.


This ain’t throw vibe, it’s a strong vibration I can feel on a finger grind. How easy is it to take the caps off and put em back on without damage? I really like the shinyness they have. I used to be really picky about vibe and dings, but now I don’t care that much, especially since I don’t have anything above 50 dollars. I would like just a tiny bit less on this yoyo.


If you can get suction cup to stick that is the best way to remove the caps without damaging them.

I just threw a couple Vexed and the vibe wasn’t that bad at all, is yours screwed together all the way? Does it look like one of the rings is off a bit or anything like that?

If you bought it from us recently we may be able to swap it out for a new one.


Thank you for replying. It isn’t bad vibe like my recently departed rally, only a little worse then my replay. I forgot to mention that there are a few small (very small)gouges in the rings and the box had a small hole in it. I am really just wondering if a few small chips in the rings is common with yoyojams and could actually induce vibe, not interested in returning it. Can the caps be put back on again easily? Is their another method besides suction cups? Btw, I really like the Vexed, somehow this 5 year old design is easiest to land a banana turnover on and it plays faster and almost as stable as my replay as well. It can even finger grind a little better. Will removing the caps make it abe to thumb grind? Thanks!


I believe you should be able to thumb grind. The caps should snap right back in. Without damaging the caps there really isn’t any good ways I know of other than suction cups. I personally used a safety pin to poke a small hole in it. I don’t remember if a safety pin is strong enough to pull them out though. You may need a small Allen key or something.


What do you mean by gouges? Do they look like machine marks or are they more like dings in the metal? Machine marks are pretty common on some YYJ rings, they shouldn’t really be feelable though. And as WH0TH3MAN mentioned; the caps are easy to push back in if you can get them out. Other than using a suction cup, the best way to remove them is to poke a small hole in the caps.

I completely agree on the performance too, the Vexed was one of their more modern performance designs. It just got overlooked since it came out while YoYoFactory was releasing their budget metals. It’s a fun yo-yo!


Got the vibe to where i like it with a counterfeit concave bearing, least vibe with that kind, got the caps off with duct tape as an old yahoo answers page said. The marks aren’t dings like I have on other yoyos, they are tiny roundish depressions right where the metal meets the plastic body. The yoyo thumb grinded better without the caps, and I even got fingerspins and irgs when i put them on backwards, but i missed the shine they added originally, so they are back home on now. No more issues, no more worries! For all those without suction cups, duct tape is a good alternative for caps.
Vexed no more!:slightly_smiling_face: