The V

Hey guys. What’s up with the V by sOMETHING? I got one today, played smooth, one of the caps started to rattle and wobble and now the yo-yo vibes.

How do you take the caps out of the V? It says that the caps are threaded (whatever that means)

I’d try pressing the meat of my hand against the cap and twisting them off. I’d assume that the sides of the caps are threaded, which attach to the inner cup of the yoyo.

I agree. I haven no experience with one, but that is what “threaded caps” sounds like to me.

My immaturity is getting the better of me in this thread :smiley:

Okay lol. Too bad this yo-yo isn’t called “The D” just for you.


Anyway, so what you guys are saying is that the caps are screwed in? The palm of my hand won’t work but the caps are perfect for a suction cup. Maybe I could stick on a suction cup and twist? Does anyone have experience with this throw?

I will warn you though, The V (lol) is already quite light on its own, and it plays like a cloud without caps. Id first try tuning it before removing the caps.

This has happened before to other people.

They screw out, like a axle. If you can’t use your hand, the suction cup, or maybe duck tape will work.

They probably just need to be tightened, not taken out.

Okay, because when It started to loosen I pushed it back in rather than screw it back in. I just want to re-adjust it.

The caps screw in, not press in. The Jet Set also has similar issues with the weight rings and the nuts on the axle system.