Need help removing my Delein Severe Caps without messing them up plz


Title says it all, haven’t been able to find anything that I can safely remove them without messing up the caps. I took the caps out of my DM2 by just banging the screwdriver into them but then I couldn’t re use them because they had holes in them. If possible I’d like to save the caps from my severe :slight_smile:

Any input would be much appreciated :slight_smile:
Also isn’t there a way I can make it grind better?

I’m happy received a total of 6 throws today from trades and then the severe from YYE.

So many throws to play with but so little time lol

Here’s all the stuff I received well just the throws not all the extras

(SR) #2

Suction cups?


Hmm, can you find a suction cup? One the size of the cap should work to get the cap out.

No, unless you want to mod it, I don’t think you can make it grind better… Delrin already grinds fine. :stuck_out_tongue:


Maybe it’s cause my hand is sweaty idk but I feel like it grinds just about the same as protostar. But could be cause my hands are a tiny bit sweaty right now from excitement haha the mailman came like 20 mins ago so I got to unbox everything and since most were from trades that I had to ship first so I had to wait a while but finally :slight_smile: and I don’t have any suction cups, ill have to look for one tho, any ideas on maybe wedging something into the side?


That’s not the best idea, you might damage the yoyo, or possibly the caps.

Do you have a bunch of suction cup Nerf darts? A bunch of those may work.


No suction cups :confused: or darts from nerf guns. I’m trying to think what woul have a suction cup I could use


Duct tape, rip a long piece out, stick onto the cap, and quickly rip the cap out of the yoyo. Oh, and nice yoyos you got :wink: And not sure if this works with delrin yoyos, but try sanding it.


Grab the yoyo, unscrew the thing and take the side with the axle. Lightly tap the axle onto a flat surface untill the cap pops off. Then take the axle screw it onto the other half and tap the axle head onto a flat surface softly this method works just fine in my experiences with cap yoyos.


I don’t think this Severe has the bolt and axle set up…


It has a axle just like any other Yoyo would


If you are up to it try that way it should work out if you want to remove the caps


Bolt and axle, as in the the type of axle a Duncan Freehand has, that’s not the kind of axle the Severe has. If you don’t believe me, you’re free to try and take out the caps using xxjohnsonxx’s way.


Make sure you know what your talking about before you post, the severe does not have a bolt axel set up, a regular yoyofactory axel. For grinds try sanding, for caps you can get suction cups at Dollar tree or a local pharmacy(CVS,Walgreens) and try the duct tape method, if you don’t care about em’ take a poker screwdriver and KILL IT!


I was under the influence it would be the normal YYF axle. How is the axle for this then?


A normal YYF axle.

Most YYF axle are not bolt and axle. They just have an axle. Some YYF yoyos, mainly the cheap ones, have a bolt and axle.


Sorry didn’t go in depth there i meant the bolt axle throws i understand most are axle eith threaded halves


This is a yoyo with the axle threaded into the half

This is a yoyo with the bolt and axle set up


Yes the yyf severe has a long axle but it threads into the Yoyo half

Here’s a picture I barely put the axle in so you guys can see how long it is


That’s a surprisingly long axle, I thought it was around 15mm.

(UmeNagisa) #20

i took a needle, and put it into the hole where the axle would go
and just pushed it.

It came off nice and easy